We are moto and we invite you to dine with us.

New ways to experience food since 2004.


Created by visionary chef Homaro Cantu, our kitchen is our laboratory.

We are a team of chefs, inventors, and dreamers driven to create — and continually recreate — new ways to experience food. Since 2004, we’ve been fusing the latest technologies with our grandest culinary ambitions in the heart of Chicago’s Fulton Market District.

Our state of the art laboratory is available for private events and is a truly unique experience for any occasion. Chef Anderson is available for live cooking demonstrations. Please note there is a 60 person capacity.



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945 West Fulton Market,
Chicago, IL 60607



Tues–Sat 5pm–9:30pm
Sun–Mon Closed



To offer our guests a robust sensory experience, we have composed three custom progressions to complement each of our three menus. These pairings are designed to guide the diner through the Moto menu, enhancing each course in deliberate and unexpected ways.  

Guests may also choose wines by the bottle or glass from the Moto cellar or choose from our new beer selection.



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CHRIS ANDERSON, executive Chef

Born and raised in Washington, North Carolina, having a love for food growing up in the south is an understatement, it’s a way of life. Fascinated with food and what it could do to a persons soul he later in life attended the International Culinary School at the Art Institute, while attending he joined the competition team and was awarded a silver medal at the ACF Junior Hot Foods Competition. After graduating with a bachelors degree in Culinary Management he was off to Europe to learn as much knowledge as he could on classical cooking and techniques.  He studied, worked and lived in Lyon, France for one year. He worked at the coveted 2 Michelin Star restaurant Auberge de L’Ile underneath Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex. Jean-Christophe always taught him that you always need to listen. Listen to a person, to food, to moments, to emotion…”

After returning home from Europe he wanted to continue to push the limits of his culinary craft.  He decided to work for some of the most innovative Chefs out there today, not only pushing the boundaries of food but even how you eat it.  He decided Chicago, for the next 3 years he would work at Alinea, Moto and L2O before finally calling Moto his home.  Working at Moto with Chef Richie Farina has taught him invaluable management experience and work ethic which made him grow from a passionate cook into a Chef.


ROBERT GILBERT, General Manager/Wine Director, Sommelier

The name Robert Gilbert comes with more than simply experience in hospitality, it comes with fervor for excellence in fine dining and exceptional worth as a seasoned, expertly rounded General Manager. Starting in 2007, Gilbert’s ever-expanding accomplishments in all aspects of the culinary industry have revealed him as an expert of wines and the definition of cuisine.

After his meticulous work in kitchens as a sous chef, his employment began at moto in 2010, where his skills extended from a brilliant love of exquisite taste. He has proven these qualities time and again, as a GM and Artistic Director on the moto dining room floor, a space that will leave guests with a sense of excitement, as well as an understanding of the world of true taste.

With extensive education in culinary arts and psychology, Gilbert intends to bring a fresh, innovative look at the way food and wine are experienced on a daily basis. His focus is that of one very particular word—moto.


ALANA SOOGRIM, Assistant General Manager

After attaining an Associate’s Degree in Tourism Management in Port of Spain in Trinidad & Tobago, Alana Soogrim decided to pursue her career in Hospitality Management by enrolling at Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree. She worked in New York City’s restaurant industry for two years before moving to Chicago in 2010 to pursue her dreams of opening her own restaurant. Moto was the perfect fit for Alana, where she began as a back server and worked her way up. Her favorite aspect of service is wine, which she hopes to progress in by acquiring her Sommelier certification in 2015.


HOMARO CANTU, Founder (1976 – 2015)

Chef Homaro Cantu is blazing the way into a new era of post-modern cuisine. Heralded as one of America’s most daring chefs, Chef Cantu pushes the limits of known taste, texture and technique in a stunning, futuristic fashion. A scientist at heart, Cantu is driven by insatiable curiosity and endless possibilities. Described as a “Real-life Willy Wonka,” he has shattered previous conventions by introducing new technologies into the kitchen and enticing 21st century diners to embrace unimaginable edible creations.

Chef Cantu grew up in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. He then worked his way up the ranks in nearly 50 kitchens on the West Coast before moving to Chicago to work at Charlie Trotter’s restaurant, where he spent four years and earned the coveted position of Sous Chef before leaving to open moto. Cantu is committed to changing the way that people perceive and eat food. Scientific elements and equipment such as a centrifuge and a hand-held ion particle gun make regular appearances in the moto kitchen. Cantu was proudly the first chef to zap food with a class IV laser, a cooking technique he unveiled in Spain in January 2006. With such limitless creativity and such an impressive track record, it is hard to imagine what will be served up next at moto.