We are moto and we invite you to dine with us

New ways to experience food


Gone but not forgotten.

When we think of all the people who have spent time within our walls since 2004, it’s truly humbling. So many friends, mentors and respected peers have spent time in the Moto kitchen and joined us for a meal.

To all of the diners who sought out 945 W. Fulton Market when there was only one restaurant on this street, we thank you. When you trusted us enough to let us cook a live crab on your table, eat your candle, crack a balloon with your spoon, or drink a glass full of laserized vanilla vapor…you made it a joy to serve you.  To all the guests from around the globe who have continued to visit us year after year, when there are so many other great choices, we thank you, too.

To the super-talented, hardest working, most loyal team of chefs, servers, and organizers that have made this place work throughout the years—we are humbled by you.

For staying this year—for keeping the energy alive in the toughest of years, we will be forever grateful. 

Moto has always been a hub of creativity, learning, playing, teaching, and sharing.  Nothing made Omar prouder than when one of you moved on to do your own great things.

That was the kind of place he wanted Moto to be. A first stop. But not the last.

With great affection,

The Cantu Family


Homaro Cantu's greatest legacy is his children.


Led by our Executive chef, Chris Anderson

Created by visionary chef Homaro Cantu

We are a team of chefs, inventors, and dreamers driven to continually reinvent the dining experience.  Since 2004, we have been fusing the latest technologies with our grandest culinary ambitions in the heart of Chicago’s Fulton Market District.

Our state of the art laboratory is available for private events and is a truly unique experience for any occasion.  Chef Anderson is available for live cooking demonstrations.  Please note we serve up to 60 persons at capacity.



(312) 491-0058



945 West Fulton Market,
Chicago, IL 60607



Tues–Sat 5pm–9:30pm
Sun–Mon Closed



To offer our guests a robust sensory experience, we have composed three custom progressions to complement each of our three menus. These pairings are designed to guide the diner through the Moto menu, enhancing each course in deliberate and unexpected ways.  

Guests may also choose wines by the bottle or glass from the Moto cellar or choose from our new beer selection.



Available Tuesday-Saturday

11:00am - 7:00pm


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CHRIS ANDERSON, executive Chef

Growing up in the South with a love for food is an understatement; it’s simply a way of life.  Born and raised in Washington, NC, Chris was fascinated with food, and what it could do to a person’s soul.  In pursuit of this infatuation, he attended the International Culinary School at the Art Institute.  Chris harnessed his passion for cooking by joining the competition team at the institute, and received a silver medal at the ACF Junior Hot Foods Competition.  He completed his education with a BA in Culinary Management, and a hunger for more.

After graduating, Chris left for the wellspring of the culinary world- France, to pursue knowledge of classical cooking and techniques right from the source.  He worked at the coveted 2 Michelin Star restaurant, Auberge de L’Ile in Lyon, France.  One of the most important lessons Chris learned was working under Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex at the Auberge de L’Ile.  He was taught that you always need to listen.  “Listen to a person, to food, to moments, to emotion.”

The time in France served him well, and upon returning home Chris was eager to continue pushing the limits of his culinary craft.  In order to pursue his newfound ideas, he set out to work for some of the most innovative chefs that were not only pushing the boundaries of food but even how you eat it.  Chris settled his sights on Chicago, spending three years working at Alinea, L2O, and moto.  Working at moto with Chef Richie Farina taught Chris invaluable management experience and work ethic which made him grow from a passionate cook into a chef.

Now at the helm of moto, Chris has taken the innovative spirit of moto further with his uniquely flavored history, and the spice of his bright future.


ROBERT GILBERT, General Manager/Wine Director, Sommelier


The name Robert Gilbert comes with more than simply experience in hospitality.  It comes with fervor for excellence in fine dining, and exceptional worth as a seasoned, expertly rounded General Manager.  Starting in 2007, Gilbert’s ever-expanding accomplishments in all aspects of the culinary industry have revealed him as an expert of wines and the definition of cuisine.

After his meticulous work in kitchens as a sous chef, his employment began at moto in 2010.  This is where his skills extended from a brilliant love of exquisite taste.  He has proven these qualities time and again as the GM and Artistic Director.  The moto dining room floor is the stage he utilizes to instill excitement and an understanding of the world of true taste into every guest.

With an extensive education in culinary arts and psychology, Gilbert intends to bring a fresh, innovative look at the way food and wine are experienced on a daily basis.  His focus is that of one very particular word—moto.


ALANA SOOGRIM, Assistant General Manager

Alana brings a unique perspective to moto, having begun her journey in Trinidad & Tobago.  She received her Associate’s Degree in Tourism Management there in Port of Spain.  Her desire for success further afield, she enrolled at Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York.  There she pursued her career in Hospitality Management by obtaining her BA at Monroe.

She worked in New York City’s restaurant industry for two years.  She had dreams of opening her own restaurant, and chose to seek that dream in 2010 by moving to Chicago.  The next stepping stone toward that dream was a perfect fit at moto.  Alana began work as a back server, and her strong skills pushed her up the ranks.  She fell in love with the wine portion of service, and is currently working toward acquiring her Sommelier certification.


Christian Sia, Sous CHef

Hailing from sunny Singapore, Christian Sia started his culinary journey attending Singapore’s premier culinary college, SHATEC.  Following his education, Christian has worked in some of Singapore's top restaurants.  To name a few, Garibaldi, which was voted the top Italian cuisine restaurant in Singapore; and Jaan Par Andre, which was ranked #39 on the prestigious San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant List in 2010.

In late 2010, Christian chose to leave Singapore, and enroll in Kendall College in Chicago.  After completing his second degree, Christian worked in restaurants around Atlanta and Charlotte before finally moving back to Chicago to work at moto in 2013.  It was at moto that Christian found his true work family and a place to call home.  Working with Chef Richie Farina taught Christian dedication to every guest, and the daily strife of trying to achieve perfection.


HOMARO CANTU, Founder (1976 – 2015)

Moto was the vision of Chef Homaro Cantu.  A flagship for blazing the way into a new era of post-modern cuisine.  He was heralded as one of America’s most daring chefs, pushing the limits of known taste, texture, and technique with a futuristic twist.  The scientist in Homaro was driven by insatiable curiosity and the potential of endless possibility.  He was described as a “real-life Willy Wonka,” and shattered previous conventions by introducing new technologies into the kitchen.  His advances enticed 21st century diners to embrace unimaginable edible creations.

Homaro started life in Portland, OR, and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu.  His characteristic tenacity sent him up the ranks, working through nearly 50 kitchens on the West Coast before setting his sights on Chicago.  It was there that Homaro came to work at Charlie Trotter’s restaurant.  He spent four years working under Trotter, and earned the coveted position of sous chef.  The title was not enough.  Homaro left to pursue his dream, and open moto.

The early days at moto were fueled by Homaro’s commitment to changing the way people perceive and eat food.  He incorporated scientific elements and equipment, such as centrifuge and a hand-held ion particle gun.  He was the first chef to zap food with a class IV laser, which he unveiled in Spain in January 2006.  It was an exciting time to be a part of the moto family.

Since his death, key players at moto have worked tirelessly to keep Homaro’s original vision alive.  Today, moto is still a beacon for what lies just beyond the horizon of creative cuisine.


Meet Our Executive Chef

Christopher Anderson

The renditions of the culinary world that we are privy to are often exciting, fast paced television shows about chefs in competitions, or cozy, inviting television shows about chefs meandering about in immaculate kitchens.  This is hardly the reality that talented chefs live day to day.

Christopher Anderson is the head chef and creative mind at moto in Chicago.  The hours are long, and the sleep is in short supply, but his ability to inspire guests with pieces of his heart and soul make it all worthwhile.  He studied at the Art Institute of Charlotte and received a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management.  After, he attended the Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy in France where Chris studied French Language and French Cooking.  This combination of traditional and modern training has set the stage for his desire to create elevated Southern cooking.  His dishes currently featured at moto give the excitement and wonder of molecular gastronomy, while his Southern roots give the warmth and joy of comfort and hospitality.

In order to balance such a dichotomous idea, you would have to be a little crazy.  As Chris puts it, “[being] sleep deprived by working 24/7 [makes] you are a little off your rocker and then stuff starts getting pretty creative.”  Emulating the Southern food he grew up with comes naturally.  “It is my culture, you can’t get much closer to the heart and soul than that.”  Chris began cooking at a young age with his mother and grandfather.  Since then, his mother, wife, and two kids have been his greatest supporters.  “The women of my life not only support me but are my rock in life period.”  He has also found mentors in various chefs.  His short list includes Richie Farina, Homaro Cantu, Matthew Kirkley, Michael Edrington, Robby Hooker and Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex.

When Chris had his first child, he realized how much he loved cooking and feeding others.  It was then that he made up his mind to live the dream, “When I had my first child! Then I figured out what I was good at and what made me happy and it was food!”  Working with what he loves most is a beast of a challenge.  The incredible amount of stress working in a kitchen is tenfold as the head chef.  Coupled with the long hours, spent both in the kitchen and at home, it is a wonder that he can still orchestrate the perfect dishes for his guests, as if by magic.

The moto kitchen would seem alien to most, some of the equipment is fit for a sci-fi flick.  Some items that Chris listed off that he works with on a daily basis include immersion, centrifuge, Roto Evaporator, and Kappa Carrageenan, just to name a few.  moto strives to take advantage of Chicago’s farm to table programs and utilizes local vendors wherever they can.  Chris has continued these values in his work, and ensures that ingredients are fresh and local.

Chris is lucky to have two families to support him, his wife and children, and his “family” at moto.  The kitchen staff is more than just employees; they are a support system fueled by mutual respect and trust.  Chris shares the food and values of moto with other families via the charities and events that he supports.  To name a few, Chris endorses No Kid Hungry, the Cancer Society, the Trotter Project, and the Illinois Restaurant Association.  “I contribute my time to an event or speaking engagement so they can raise money and I can support that.”  He also makes time to appear as a guest chef at events in order to give back to communities, and hopefully inspire students interested in the culinary field.

Outside of moto, Chris has been featured in many events.  A few of his favorites include Chicago Lobster Bash, Chicago Food and Wine and Chicago Gourmet.  He hopes to have more opportunities to showcase his skills, and share his love for Southern cuisine.  Chris has big plans for the future, and wants most of all to keep his guests pleased.  “[I’m striving] to push my culture, cuisine, and myself where it has never gone before to enlighten guests and to pursue perfection.”  He hopes to expand moto in the near future, and possibly create a restaurant group.  For now, the New Year’s Eve party is next on the menu, and Chris cannot wait to entertain you.

“Just food and my family, that’s all I need!”